Saturday, July 21, 2012


When Alexis was 15 years old she found out that she was pregnant. If this wasn't hard enough for her family to digest, the father of her child was not 15 but 21 years old. This is one of the many reasons Alexis was less than thrilled to tell her family the news. Eventually she broke the news to her mom who immediately tried to convince her to have an abortion. Alexis knew that she didn't want to have an abortion, so she turned to her 21-year-old boyfriend for support.

Her boyfriend Brian was very supportive throughout her pregnancy. But this was only due to the fact that he was obsessed with Alexis. He ended up being very controlling. When Alexis broke up with him because he was treating her badly he ended his support and would just call her names and make her feel bad.

Even without the best support system Alexis still managed to complete her 10th grade year. She enjoyed school, but that soon changed also. She ended up losing all but one of her friends when she was first pregnant. Then when she was 7 months pregnant her only friend began drifting away too.

At this point Alexis felt utterly alone. Well time went on and eventually it was time for Alexis to give birth. Her whole family came to the hospital when she gave birth to her daughter Ava and ended up being very supportive. Brian was there too and he even convinced Alexis to give Ava his last name.

Alexis soon realized that this was the biggest mistake she had every made. Brian cared nothing for their daughter. He was still selfish and controlling. Even at the age of 22 he made it a point to talk to all of Alexis' ex-friends because he knows it pisses her off. He would tell them false information about her so that they would spread rumors about Alexis.

Alexis despises Brian and has now realized that it is impossible to act 16 and 30 at the same time; and that teenagers should not be left to make adult decisions.

~Izabella Tovar

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