Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Allison found out that she was pregnant three days after Christmas in 2008. Her and her boyfriend stayed together and kept the pregnancy a secret. They didn't tell anyone; not their parents or their friends. They kept it to themselves because they were scared and wanted to know what they were going to do before they told anyone about it. While Allison was at school one day towards the end of February she passed out on the stairs after gym class. It wasn't hard enough to hurt herself or her baby but she was not well. Both her and her boyfriend got scared but they didn't think anything of it.

A few days later Allison went to Chicago auto show with her dad, boyfriend, sister, and her sister's boyfriend. While at the auto show Allison began leaning on her sister and telling her that she didn't feel well and was going to pass out. Her sister didn't believe her, but she did. The next morning her mom was going to take her to the doctor and asked if she was pregnant. Allison was forced to tell her that she was. Her mom was very upset and it was bad. When her dad got home from work Allison's mom told him that Allison was pregnant. Her dad was supportive.

The next week Allison's mom was forcing her to get an abortion but she didn't want one, nor did her boyfriend. Her and her boyfriend both prayed that something would go wrong so that she wouldn't have to have the procedure. When Allison went to the doctor's office they performed an ultrasound and discovered that she was too far along for them to do the procedure in that office. She was 16 weeks along and the state of Illinois allows abortions up to 20 weeks but she would have to travel to Chicago to have a 2-3 day procedure. Finally Allison's mom realized that she was meant to have this baby and let her sustain the pregnancy.

On July 24, 2009 Cassidy Ruth was born. She was perfect and Allison and her boyfriend made a great team. It  would appear that everything was going to work out for this young family. Allison was a full time sophomore in college studying social work. Her boyfriend was also a full time student and was working. Everything was perfect.

Until New Year's Eve 2010. On that day Allison's boyfriend's best friend committed suicide. Her boyfriend has never been the same since and a wedge had come between them and made their relationship very difficult. As the year anniversary approached Allison feared for the worst but she didn't anticipate what would happen next.

In November 2011 Allison's boyfriend told her that he wanted to take a break. From Allison, and from their daughter essentially. Needless to say Allison was broken. She believed that they would always be happy, that they would get married one day. Now she just feels stupid. They had been together for 3 1/2 years and then it was all gone. What hurt Allison the most is that their daughter is now 2 1/2 years old, she fully understands that her daddy isn't around and it breaks Allison's heart to see how much Cassidy misses her daddy. Allison just feels so broken.

If you have been in a situation similar to this and would like to help Allison get through this by giving her some advice please comment below or email me at and I will let her know.

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