Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Samantha got pregnant at 18 years old. She had been dating her baby's father since they were both 15, they were true high school sweethearts. Samantha found out that she was pregnant at 12 weeks along and it came as a total surprise. She was very happy but the dad was petrified, they were constantly fighting about what to do with the baby. Samantha wanted to keep the baby and eventually the father agreed.

They found out that they would be welcoming a daughter into this world and decided to name her Ava. Samantha had a rough pregnancy. She had placenta previa which is where the placenta (which is usually located near the top of the uterus to supply the baby with nutrients through the umbilical cord) is lying low, usually near the top of the cervix. This can become a problem later on in pregnancy and can lead to bleeding or early delivery. If it persists until labor then a c-section is usually required. Samantha went into pre-term labor at 6 months. She had to go on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Luckily though, Ava was born on March 12, just five days before her due date.

Samantha and Ava live with Samantha's parents who help and love and support her and Ava. She and Ava's father fought a lot and were under a lot of pressure. They had both just graduated high school and Samantha was in her first semester of college. But, Ava's father couldn't hold down a job and didn't want to attend college. Samantha got a job at an amusement park to put herself through school and she focused her whole life around Ava.

About a year ago Ava's father joined the military. Samantha wasn't wild about the idea at first. It was hard for her to deal with and she was angry at first. But in the end she decided to support him. Now the two are engaged to be married and her and Ava miss him dearly.

Ava is now 2 and a half making her mommy proud each and every day. Now 21 Samantha is glad it worked out with Ava's father and is grateful for her parents' support. She wants people to know that "it's not easy being a young mom; people are quick to judge, friends come and go, but i would never change a thing. I love my little girl."

I wish Samantha and her family the best in life and I know how powerful it is just to have the support of your parents!

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