Monday, December 5, 2011


Melissa found out that she was pregnant when both she and her boyfriend were 17. She was 2 months pregnant when she took a pregnancy test in September of her senior year. Of course she was concerned about graduating and overall having a good school experience. At first her friends were very supportive about the pregnancy, excited for Melissa, and anxious to see the baby! But that quickly changed.

As the first semester of school was coming to an end, so were Melissa's friendships. She and her best friend started drifting apart. They fought over stupid things and just didn't see eye-to-eye. Her other friends soon followed and as a result of this Melissa never had a baby shower.

During the second semester of her senior year, she did classes where she taught herself so that she was still able to graduate on time. She didn't hang out with any friends since she really didn't have any. Melissa spent most of her time with her boyfriend. But her hard work payed off and she graduated two months early! Although, she wasn't able to attend prom or any other school events.

Melissa had her daughter on May 8, 2011 (mother's day). She was induced at 11 pm the day before and delivered at 4:18 pm on the 8th. She weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 22" long. Her name is Quinn after the Glee character (Quinn Fabray) with whom Melissa greatly related to (pregnant in high school with friends leaving her). In fact, seeing how Quinn got through her pregnancy gave Melissa hope. During her stay in the hospital only one person from school came to see Melissa even though she had posted on Facebook and texted everyone that she had had her baby.

She finally went home and had a rough recovery, she was in a lot of pain and pretty sad. Still no one came to see her or her daughter that they had been so anxiously awaiting just months before. All of her friends just stopped talking to her and wanted nothing to do with her. Melissa felt so alone. She was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

Since then Melissa has gotten over it and everything has been okay. She has learned to move on without friends and still has no friends to this day. But, she has worked out a timeline as to when she would like to start working and going to college. She is now engaged to Quinn's father and all that is left health-wise is a stomach problem she has had since she had Quinn. Melissa would like to wish luck to all the other teen moms out there and remind them that: "You don't need bad friends in your life or people who don't care about you. All you need is your baby and family :)"

I know just what Melissa felt without the support of her friends, but in the end she is right. As I often say: "Friends come and go, but family is forever." (:

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