Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Angela's mother was a teen mom. Her mother battled with an addiction to drugs for as long as Angela can remember, and Angela never met her dad.When she was 16 her and her mother lived in a small town. One day when Angela came home from school, a friend of her mother's let her know that her mother decided that she didn't want to live there anymore, so she moved away without Angela. Angela then moved in with her mother's friend and moved on with her life without her mom.

Angela met a boy named Michael one day at a dance. Michael was the sweetest person that she had ever met. They started dating shortly after they met and a few months later, Angela found out that she was pregnant. This was the summer before her junior year of high school. Angela moved in with Michael and his family and they were very sweet to her. They showed Angela a love that she had never experienced with her own family.

On March 5, 2010 Angela gave birth to her beautiful little girl Aliya via c-section at 4:54 pm. She called her mother, but she never showed up to see her daughter or her granddaughter. Michael and his whole family were there at the hospital to support Angela.

She was able to finish out her junior year of high school because Michael's mom babysat Aliya for her during the day. One month after starting her senior year of high school Angela found out that she was pregnant again. She was even more scared than the first time she got pregnant and she actually considered all of her options. But in the end, she just couldn't choose abortion.

On May 4, 2011 Angela gave birth to her little angel Alyssa Gabrielle at 8:17 am via scheduled c-section. She then graduated high school on June 3, 2011. Michael and his entire family were by her side of course. Angela now feels blessed to be a mom, she loves her little angels and her fiance.

Angela has gone through a lot in her life and I am so glad that she finally found her happy ending!

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