Saturday, June 29, 2013


Ariel graduated high school in June 2010 and met her husband in August 2010. They were engaged four days after they met. When they were together for five months and Ariel was 18 years old, she found out that she was pregnant. They were so scared. It wasn't just the early pregnancy that frightened the couple, it was the fact that there were potential health risks involved.
Ariel has a rare medical condition called AnHidrotic EctoDermal Dysplasia. It affects her hair, her teeth, her sweat glands, and her ability to breastfeed. She has sparse hair, six of her own teeth, and does not sweat enough to cool herself down. Due to her condition her family was very concerned for both her and the baby. This caused her to be at outs with her extended family for most of her pregnancy. She only had about five family members that were there for her unconditionally throughout her pregnancy. 
Childbirth is difficult with Ariel's condition due to the tension from contractions causing her to get easily overheated. Also, if her baby was a girl there was a 50/50 chance that she would inherit her mother's medical condition. If her baby was a boy there was an 85/15 chance, 85% he would have it and 15% he would not. Her family was very worried. 

Ariel went to the doctor to determine how far along she was and they figured her due date to be August 18. This was a week before her late father's 60th birthday. She lost her dad when she was eight years old so they knew it was fate for her baby to be born around it's grandpa's birthday. 

On April 7, 2011 they went in to find out the gender of the baby. They found out they were expecting a little boy. Upon this news Ariel's mom cried and everyone's first thought was "what if he inherits the condition?" Everyone had been hoping for a girl but Ariel knew in her heart it was a boy.

Newborn Aidan and Daddy
The rest of Ariel's pregnancy went smoothly. On August 15, 2011 (9:51 am) at just 19 years old, Ariel welcomed her baby boy Aidan Dennis Alan Paul into this world. (Dennis Alan is in honor of Ariel's father.) He weighed 7 pounds 9.5 ounces and was 20.5 inches long at birth. Aidan was born three days early, just ten days before his grandpa's birthday.

Ariel and 4-month-old Aidan
As far as anyone can tell Aidan does not currently show signs of possessing Ariel's medical condition. This is a blessing for Ariel because there was an 85% chance he would inherit it.

Ariel says Aidan is her perfect little miracle and he is thriving in life.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Emily and her boyfriend Liam started dating when they were 15 years old. By the time they were 17 Emily knew that she was truly in love. A lot of people did not take them seriously but she knew what she felt. Emily was a senior in high school and by October had already been accepted to NYU, her dream school! She didn't know what she was going to major in but she knew it was a good school to start her life at. 

In early November Emily started feeling sick, she was nauseous and had stomach pains. She wasn't sure if she could be pregnant or not. She and Liam had used some precautions when they had sex, she was on the birth control pill, but they didn't always use a condom. Emily decided to take a home pregnancy test. It was positive. She decided to take another test the next day just to be sure, it was positive. She told Liam first and then told her mom. Her mom said she would take Emily to the doctor the next day to confirm the pregnancy and then they would talk. 

The next day Emily went to the doctor and found out she was eight weeks along with... TRIPLETS!

Emily's mind was blown and her mom was shouting "adoption!" She told her mom it was her decision and she would decide what was best for her babies. Liam freaked.

At home that night everyone was looking at Emily funny. Her parents are both Christians who go to church on a regular basis, and do not believe in premarital sex. They were so upset with her. The only words out of her parents mouths at dinner were "Liam is NOT moving in here, and you are not living together if you are not married!" Emily felt so alone that night. Her parents wouldn't even hear her speak. Deep down she knew that the best decision for her babies was to give them up for adoption since she was only 17. She just didn't know if she could do it.

Emily had until approximately May 4th to decide what she would be doing with her triplets after they were born. She knew they would probably come even earlier than that since most multiples don't make it to the full term of 40 weeks. 

Emily turned 18 in February and that was when she decided she was going to keep her babies. She found out she would be having three baby girls! After a while her parents became excited for the girls to come and her dad even painted the girls' room yellow with butterflies and bumblebees. 

In March Emily was having very bad back pains. She was put on bed rest, but not for long because she was under too much stress. Emily was induced on March 30th making her babies five weeks early. Her three little girls were born by c-section on March 30th. Lilah Mae was 4 pounds 1 ounce, Libby Capri was 3 pounds 6 ounces, and Lanie Noelle was 3 pounds exactly. 

Libby was able to come home first because she gained weight the fastest. The doctors were a bit surprised that she was so healthy, but Libby was home by May 1st. Lanie was struggling breathing on her own and was having a rough time gaining weight. She ended up being flown to a hospital 70 miles away because she needed to have her heart looked at more extensively. Emily was struggling with the fact that she had one baby at home, one baby at the hospital in her home town, and one baby at a hospital 70 miles away. She, Liam, and her parents were rotating taking care of and visiting the babies. Lilah was able to come home on May 19th. Finally they found out that Lanie was okay and she came home on June 1st. Emily was so relieved to see all of her girls reunited at last. 

In late August Lilah was rushed to the ER and they found out that she had severe acid reflux. She was hospitalized for a day and then was put on medication. 

Emily is now 23 years old and has a family of 6. She and Liam got married when the girls were two years old. In October of 2012 they welcomed their son Lindon into their family. Emily is a CNA at her local hospital and just recently completed her RN. Liam is a computer technician at a local computer store. She says that they were frequently asked why they had four kids by the age of 21. Emily's response is that God granted her with these babies and she is taking care of them, she could not picture her life any other way. Her kids are her angels. 

Emily manages to go to school full time because she has a nanny. She does not regret getting an education and working because her kids are well taken care of. Lilah still has acid reflux issues and Lanie has asthma. Libby has some vision issues and wears some cute little tyke glasses. People ask her all the time if her daughters have health issues but she feels that they are healthy little girls. Her son does not have any health issues and he was born 11 days after his due date. Emily says she is blessed that she had two healthy pregnancies and she does not plan to have any more children. Her life dream was always to adopt and foster children but she does not know if she will still pursue this. She is satisfied with her four little angels, she is so grateful for her little gifts from God. 

Emily gets asked why all her children have L names and her reply is: "the funny thing is, Liam's family all have "D" names like Donna, Dewayne and Deanda but Deanda has an L middle name and my family have L names Leon, and  Leslie but my middle name is Leighannah so its an odd tradition and very cool."

Thanks for sharing Emily! Do you think you could handle triplets or do you know someone that does? Share your thoughts below!