Friday, March 23, 2012


Kali had a baby when she was 18 years old, a son named Kaidan on February 24, 2011. Kali and Kaidan's father have been together for four years and are still going strong. She is a full time student in college and it is hard work. Kali wants people to know just how hard it is to be a mother and a student. Taking care of a baby requires a lot of work and on top of that you have to study because you need to have a career to help support your baby, working at a pizza shop isn't going to cut it if you have a child to support; raising a child is not cheap.

The only thing that gets Kali through the day and all of the hard work is seeing Kaidan's smile. He is her everything and by seeing his precious smile lets her know that she can do anything for him; she wants him to have a better life than she did. Kali still lives at home with her mom and it can be tough. They fight about Kali having to pay rent. It's not that Kali doesn't want to help out, she does. (In fact she knows she has some responsibility to since her little brother also lives with her mom and has to be supported for by their single mother)But Kali only makes so much money and Kaidan's father doesn't have a job, so she has to provide solely for Kaidan.

Kaidan's father is in their lives and is great and loving. Kali is very grateful to him for not running from his responsibilities because it was too stressful, he is a good man. She is also very grateful to her mother. Kali could not imagine living on her own being 18 with a one-year old. She loves being a mom to Kaidan but Kali does miss being able to hang out with her friends and go out on the weekends. She realizes that it is a tough adjustment.

Kaidan is growing up, he is healthy and fun. Kali wants young girls to realize that being a teen mom is hard because although you still feel like a baby yourself at times, you are now fully responsible for a baby too.
Kali, Kaidan, and Kaidan's Father