Wednesday, June 13, 2012


In August 2008 Kacee was 15 years old and a few weeks away from beginning her junior year of high school. This is when she ran into an old boyfriend. His name was Anthony and though he was 14 years old he had flunked out in the 8th grade. Kacee had known him in the 8th grade but since it had been three years since she had last seen him she decided to hang out with him again.

The two hit it off instantly and started having sex within two weeks. Kacee soon found out that Anthony was a cheater and a liar but since she had lost her virginity to him, she trusted him. She loved him and thought he could change. Kacee also trusted him when it came to birth control but, as she soon found out, the "pull out" method does not work.

In February of 2009 Kacee found out that she was 8 weeks pregnant. When she told Anthony he just brushed it off acting like it was nothing. But slowly he started pulling away from her. In just two weeks time he had cut off all contact with Kacee. Her parents freaked out when she told them so overall Kacee felt very alone. She had no idea what to do and didn't have anyone to help her through it.

Kacee knew that abortion wasn't for her and decided to sustain the pregnancy. But due to her lack of support she was thinking pretty seriously about adoption. Anthony called every few months but he was never there as support for Kacee. It wasn't until July (at 7 months pregnant) that Kacee decided that she wanted to keep her baby.

On October 8, 2009 Kacee gave birth to a baby girl and named  her Aleena. Even though this was the beginning of her senior year of high school Kacee still kept up with school and graduated in 2010. As for Anthony, he saw Aleena when she was four weeks old. This was the first and only time that he ever saw her. He also has two other children: a son only 3 months younger than Aleena, and a daughter born in the Fall of 2011. Anthony has signed away his rights to Aleena but still calls Kacee every few months, mainly to be nosy.

Kacee recently completed her sophomore year of college and is working 25-30 hours a week. She is in the process of moving out on her own with Aleena. She hasn't dated anyone since she's had her daughter and she is okay with that. Kacee loves her daughter very much and has made Aleena her top priority in life. Aleena is her pride and joy but Kacee doesn't deny that being a single teen mom has been the hardest thing she has gone through in life.

Kacee says that she not only lost her childhood but she also lost herself in the process, and to her that has been the hardest part.

I couldn't agree more with Kacee. Thanks for reading!