Monday, November 21, 2011


Gaby had been with her boyfriend for two years when she got pregnant in December of 2008. She found out she was pregnant in January of 2009 at approximately 6 weeks pregnant. Her mother found the positive pregnancy test in Gaby's purse. Her mother told her father and both were very disappointed. Gaby's boyfriend was very scared but also happy. Gaby's aunts were also unhappy with her. But ultimately everyone realized that there was nothing that they could do about it now. So, the next month Gaby and her boyfriend got married. (They have now been happily married for nearly three years).

Gaby had an easy pregnancy, she enjoyed watching her belly grow every day. She had an awesome baby shower with her supportive family and friends. On September 15, 2009 Gaby gave birth to her son Alexander. He was happy and healthy, and everyone was excited to meet him. Her parents were thrilled to have a grandson and they loved him so much!

But, at just two weeks old Alexander fell very ill. He had reflux in his kidneys and had to be hospitalized multiple times. The first time was for three days, then for five days, and then for one whole week. Baby Alexander even had to spend his first Halloween in the hospital. Gaby says it was so difficult to see her baby like that. She wants everyone to know that being a teen mom and a teen wife is not easy especially when you have to watch your brand new baby sleep in the hospital attached to various machines and what not.

I think the best lesson here is that no matter how easy it may seem at first, teen parenting is never a cake walk.

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