Thursday, May 17, 2012


Holly lives in Houston, Texas.

The Summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school Holly was 16 years old and had just broken up with her boyfriend. Unfortunately it was a little too late, Holly had already been sexually active with her boyfriend. Holly took a home pregnancy test that Summer and it was positive. She told her mom and together they went to their family doctor to confirm. The doctor confirmed that Holly was pregnant and estimated her to be about 6 weeks along.

Holly's mother was in utter shock, she could not believe that this was true. Could her 16 year old little girl really be pregnant? And with a boy that she isn't even with anymore? It was too much for Holly's single mother to handle on her own. One week after they found out, Holly and her mother vacationed to Santa Fe, New Mexico to spend time with her uncle and aunt.

Her mother, aunt, and uncle all agreed that Holly was too young to have a child and that abortion was her only option. Holly began to listen to them and made her appointment at the clinic the next day. Besides, the baby's father didn't want anything to do with Holly or the baby.  He told Holly to get an abortion and never speak to him again. He said that she was selfish if she didn't get an abortion because it would ruin his life. Holly felt as if she had no other option.

But the day of, just hours before her appointment, Holly said no. She said no to her mother, something she had never done before. Holly was not going to get an abortion. She was going to sustain this pregnancy. The next choice she had to make was adoption or motherhood.

Upon returning home, things between Holly and her mother were horrible. They hardly spoke. Her mother was very upset; she just cried and told Holly that her life was over.

When school started again Holly was a junior in high school and she was 2 1/2 months pregnant. She hadn't told any of her friends that she was pregnant yet. So carrying around a secret like that led her to feel like an outsider, a freak. Her home life wasn't much better with her mother being so upset. So, on the second day of school Holly decided that she would move in with her father and her stepmom.

Holly lived with them until Christmas Day, and the whole time she wasn't even in contact with her mother. But her dad and stepmom hardly kept their opinions to themselves either. They were both very adamant about Holly choosing adoption for her baby. But Holly didn't want to give up her baby for adoption. As soon as she found out that she was having a baby girl she decided she would keep her and name her Autumn.

Holly's mom eventually accepted the fact that her daughter was pregnant and was going to need help raising her daughter. So Holly moved back in with her mother around New Year's. She was excited for the baby and even Holly's friends were supportive and made an effort to be there for her. Thanks to them, Holly had a wonderful baby shower.

Autumn's father and his family came around too and they are part of her life now. Holly's dad isn't around much though because he is stil upset that she chose to take responsibility. But Holly has her mom to help her and Autumn get through. She is currently a senior in high school, she took all upper level classes this year and worked at her local mall through the holidays. Holly loves Autumn more than anything in the world and is confident that she made the right decision by keeping her.

Here is a picture of cute little Autumn. (:


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